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The 10 Most Important Check List Items for UC&C Planning

1 – Addressing Demands of the New Workforce CIOs should already understand that new communications and collaboration tools that are widely adopted by the workforce result in a more effective business that produces positive results for the bottom-line. The changing…

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Decomposing Mobility to get the Real Story

Mobility – it’s a hot topic in the communications industry.  Every vendor has a story for it.  What does it really mean though?  What is “Mobility” other than being mobile?  Is it a buddy, IM and presence client that installs…

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Your UC is Morphing Again

In the early forms of unified communications solutions we saw many vendors deliver the different functions as discrete products, wired together in some way to create a “unified” communications solution.   The realization that this isn’t so unified came later, and…

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Six simple reasons why social tools are good for business use

  1. Better Decision Making Information for decision-making has dramatically increased and the sources have become both internal and external – requiring decision makers to have better tools to navigate this information. The right tools will enable individuals and workgroups…

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Empowering Millennial work-styles to unlock your Business Potential

We have been hearing about an emerging workforce born after 1980 and the first generation to come of age in the new millennium.  These young adults are also known as Millennials, the Net Generation, Generation Y, Generation Next, the Hyper…

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Join us at Enterprise Connect 2012!

Wireless, video, Unified Communications, voice, SIP Trunking, the Cloud…all of these topics and more make up the focus for Enterprise Connect 2012, the leading conference and exposition on enterprise communications and collaboration. We will show you how communications and collaboration…

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