500px – Art is in the eye of the lens!

When 500px.com first came out I carefully loaded pictures to see how much they would get voted on, how much appreciation would show up for some of my photos. If you take one look at the site you will see immediately – there are some really unbelievable photographers out there. It you look more deeply into this site you’ll find a lot of very experienced, full time photographers – not part time hobbyists like me. If and when I post or blog its often about business or technology – but more recently I loaded up some new material to 500px and turned on their new Portfolio site. Its simplicity is quite beautiful and while it allows me to sell some of my photos that isn’t really my motivation for trying it – it’s the ease at which people can view photos form any device in as full screen as possible.

See some of my art at the new 500px Portfolio

One of the upsides of taking really crisp, high resolution photos is when you view them on a really nice screen you actually say – WOW! So, check it out. All you need is your browser – and if you have a nice screen (that means you are using a Mac 😉 ) then you’ll love the way pics look when viewing this new Portfolio interface.

All thats said, there are many good applications for viewing photos. If you are a photographer at any level and love sharing you materials check out 500px. You don’t need to have fancy gear and you don’t need to compete with the top photographers, your art will be appreciated and you will find followers and likes for your work.

500px voting, favoriting, and comments are excellent if you are into photography. You will actually find some top photographers commenting on your work. Enough ratings and you can make it into the some of their top categories. I was ecstatic when a couple of my photos made it into the ranks! Of course, if you are not into photography then you will wonder what the big deal is, but if you do own a camera (other than you mobile phone) and you take more than pictures of family you probably have an artistic interest in what is in that lens. Enjoy it!


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