A New York Minute? – how about an Internet Minute!

On any given day it is perhaps difficult to imagine the amount of Internet activity that is taking place. For most of us the Internet and its many Web Sites have become a virtual utility of daily life.  The attached graphic [reposted] provides an easy snapshot what happens in a single minute and if you just read the numbers they are pretty astounding.  However, its just a “minute”.. so if my math is correct lets just look at One Year:

3,153,600,000,000 Facebook views!

10,512,000,000,000 views of photos!

683,280,000 new Mobile Users!

$43 Billion in Sales on Amazon, and the last report showed overall Amazon revenue run-rate at about $68B, so it makes sense.

Another suble point in this diagram is the growing number of “Network Devices”.  The reference is the population, and some of the latest statistics published by the InternetWorldStats suggest that about 35% of the population are “Internet Users”.  What this really represents is a significant number of devices per capita and I believe this is driven by two factors: One is the average person on the Internet uses more than one device (mobile phone + PC + tablet for example) and the Second are the devices that are on the Internet as a resource.  These include everything from Thermostats to TV streaming devices to Home Security.  In the future the number of “devices” will increase substantially and they will not just be devices we add to our personal home WiFi — enter the emerging world of “The Internet of Things”… which I will now leave you to Google search and study yourself if you have not heard of this.





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