UNIVERGE 3C meets Sauber F1 Racing

Days before the Singapore F1 Grand Prix race drivers converge to prepare themselves for the night racing event of the season through the streets of Singapore.  Long before engines start many media activities occur and the teams are quite busy with pre-race events.  NEC was present this year and arranged for a global webinar with drivers Nico Hulkenberg  and Esteban Gutierrez of the NEC sponsored Sauber-Ferrari team. Nico and Esteban joined the UNIVERGE 3C Collaboration session where members from around the world could join and post questions.

I joined Nico and Esteban for an interview all the way from an NEC partner site, Gijima in Johannesburg, South Africa with a chance to ask them some questions about social interaction with their family and team members.  So it seems, perhaps not to much surprise, that their smart phones are the device of choice for communication.  Connecting from South Africa was a tough one since the infrastructure for higher-bandwidth connectivity is limited in the country, yet we were able to get connected with both audio and video during the session. UNIVERGE 3C even caught the attention of the Sauber racing family as they were quite impressed with our ability to bring so many people together so easily.  For the Johannesburg Gijima team it was an exciting break from our meetings as many of them are avid F1 racing fans.




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