Homecoming Photo Shoots – How to make the most of them.

It was that time of year again, Homecoming.  The call of duty comes into play, “come on we need to take pictures of all the kids.”  The timed gathering in the local park to ensure some sun and greenery for the photo shoot and 20 or more decked out high schoolers along with their moms, and some dads show.  The boys – a trip to the isles of the local Kohls store and they’re all set.  The girls – decked to the nines with the latest in high school homecoming fashions, hairdo’s, nails, makeup, etc. – my pocketbook is in pain.  The fun begins, “line up, line up!”, one mom yells.  “What do you think, you must know this stuff, look at that camera?”, one says to me.   “Well, I wouldn’t shoot straight into the sun, move them over there for a better back drop.”, I suggest.  “Lets go!”, she yells.  Now then, imagine 20 moms with iPhones, iPADs, and cameras all trying to get the group shots in.  Yep – crazy.  “Get in there and get a picture!”, my dear wife reminds me.  “Sure”, <snap, snap, snap>.   I have to say, I hate these kind of pictures!

Of course, its not long until everyone has had enough group shots and the opportunity raises — this is where you cease the moment.   What you need to consider is that for the next 20-30 minutes the girls will be circling around chatting, joking, taking more individual pictures, etc. Its when some of their best facial expressions come out.  They are not watching you from afar zooming on on them, the setting is perfect.  Wander around the scene, capturing a flurry of images of different expressions, different sun reflections and lighting, and on occasion one of them looking straight at you and giving you a look – perfect!  What can you get from it?  Well here are a few of the shots I captured – the faces of homecoming.  It actually makes it work the endeavor!  These were taken using my Canon 7D mostly with my 70-200 F2.8 USM lens.

<<< Click on any image below for a slide show >>>


One Comment on “Homecoming Photo Shoots – How to make the most of them.

  1. Great shots and definitely unforgettable moment. We celebrate today in Argentina, the photographer´s day and you are the best one! 🙂

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