Wild Thyme

Tucked away in the hills above Melbourne Australia is a little town call Warburton. If you drive the speed limit you might miss it, however the roads are so narrow and curvy that the speed limit is difficult. Among the town is the Yarra river which feeds from the surrounding mountains (hills really). Tonight I am staying about 100 meters above the town at the Warburton Lodge, an aged little place tucked into the hillside reachable by windy one lane roads. A venture out for dinner brought me to the Wild Thyme cafe. Wonderful Lasagna and a mug of their potato and spicy lentil soup was a perfect choice for dinner. It’s Saturday night here and the place is empty of dinner-goers but seems to have a regular flow of people grabbing a coffee or a bottle of beer for the patio. The waitresses set out reservation tables and clear the desert fridge from the front window. Seems the place will liven up much later – as they are making room for the band. Hardly seems enough room as the place is quite small, nonetheless a solo band will take the place of desert starting at 8 pm. I wont be here to here the talent as its been a long day on the back of 30+ hours of travel to Australia. It’s appears this little place will liven up tonight though. It’ll be time for me to find my lodge and catch up on some overdue rest. I’m looking forward to the early morning when I’ll head up into the hills to catch the brisk morning air and enjoy the mountain streams and jungle-like forest. If you are ever in Australia and in the outskirts of Melbourne then check out Warburton and the Wild Thyme cafe.


One Comment on “Wild Thyme

  1. Sometimes it seems half of Melbourne is here at weekends, so it’s wise to book ahead. Here are some contacts you might try. Ainsworth Estate, 5964 4711; Warburton Lodge, 5966 2037; Warburton Retreats, http://www.warburtonretreats.com ; Shiprock Cottage, 5967 4432; Forget Me Not Cottages and Ruby Jacks are lovely little getaways, one suitable for people with a disability – http://www.forgetmenotcottages.com.au ; Katandra Gardens at Hunter Road provides B&B or self catering, http://www.katandragardens.com.au ; Reefton Cottage is a brisk walk away from the Reefton Pub and offers self catering accommodation, 5968 3116, http://www.ozstays.com/9160 ; and Roschi’s B&B is at Woori Yallock, 5964 7981.

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