EnterpriseConnect 2012 and the Energy Continues

This past week was the EnterpriseConnect show in Orlando, Florida.  A sizable industry event for the top vendors in the communications industry and one of NEC’s most important shows.  NEC was a Diamond Sponsor this year hosting a 30X40 foot booth on the show floor and many other sponsorship marketing activities. See the video and read more below…

A year ago we chose to showcase our strategy for UC and Collaboration.  For the first time, probably in its history, NEC attended this show without any “racks” of equipment.  The show moved from be “voice” centric to being “Unified Communications” centric. We shifted our story from what we can put in racks and on butting of phones to the end-user experience and all software that can operate from the cloud – hence we didn’t have any server racks on the show floor. This year was time to show how that strategy came together in execution as we launched our new brand for our software platforms, UNIVERGE 3C.  The sheer number of features that have been added to the platform in the past year is arguably 4-5 times the previous year, and the most important part is that it is truly more integrated as a OneNEC platform than every before.

The roving EnterpriseConnect video team came by the booth to capture a quick interview – see it HERE.

Our demonstrations illustrated the ease at which you can engage in collaboration meetings, using IM, voice, video, screen sharing, document sharing, remote controls, and more.  Perhaps the leader in driving a common user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile we were able to demonstrate this to everyone who took the time to visit our booth.  The other proof point in our progress was the results of the annual RFP held at the show.  This year we participated in two, one of standalone UC and one for UC with a  PBX.  As I heard one of the moderators kicking off the panels announce a congratulations to NEC for substantial progress in the past year it further solidified the busy year of work behind the scenes at NEC.

Its pretty clear that the game has move to software, the cloud, the focus on enabling mobile and tablet devices, and how to deliver a common user experience to enterprise users.  Next year, there will be yet another key shift – but you’ll have to wait until next year to see that one.

NEC also broke some barriers in its approach to marketing our UNIVERGE 3C product this year, while we launched this story to hundreds of countries and included our announcement in 8 different languages, we also took an opportunity to try something uniquely different at this event.  Following one of the Keynotes, and just before lunch we launched dozens of dancers onto the crowd in a Flash Mob.  It became a point of conversation for quite a while and live on in a video on YouTube, take a look for yourself:


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