It’s funny actually.  Funny as in odd.

Every day we push through the clock.

Every week, every year.

But every now and then we ponder where the time goes.

Did I do all the things I wanted to do. Go the places I wanted to go.

Spend time with the people I wanted to spend time with.

This is just life.

Every now and then we are forced to ponder.

That thing totally opposite of life , an event that hits you like a ton of bricks.

Stops the clock. Freezes your brain. Makes you think.

“I have some sad news…”, it begins.

For minutes, maybe hours – the sound disappears from your ears.

Urgencies from your brain, the pen from your fingers.

The weight of the day gone, and you stare.

Unexplainable vacuum consumes thought as if a forced silent tribute to life is upon you.

Mountains become superfluous. Glimpses of time flash forward for reflection.

Answers sought. Precious are the moments.

This is just death.


A tribute to a friend I could say I barely knew. We both push through the clock, his chose to stop.

Ramsey – Rest in Peace my friend.


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