The Hybrid Flick – Bring your Spouse!

When your wife says this is the movie she wants to go see you can rest assured it won’t just be a pure chick flick.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised to see such an even blend of romantic junk, comedy, and shoot ’em up action all rolled up into one show.  Just enough to keep the action seeking ‘ole man happy, and of course with a little Reese Whitherspoon to boot(y)!

Of course its loaded with ridiculous stunts that we love because they could never really happen in practice and it includes the use of all kinds of high tech agent-gizmos. All utilized out of context by these two agents for the sole purpose of either swooning Lauren (Reese) or creating distractions in each others attempts to lure her in as they battle to get the girl.

Okay, but your wife will have to endure the idea of two good looking’ lads on the hunt for one gal, and you will need to hear her say, “oooh” every time to take their shirts off.  Geeeez!  Start shooting something again already!!

Overall, go see it if you like plenty of action with a twist of comedy and a tad of romance, but don’t expect anything complicated – this is a “no thickening plot” show so you won’t have to think to hard.  I ring it up as The Hybrid Flick that you can bring your spouse to!


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