Do what you love and we will benefit from what you do…

This wonderful story from the great Steven Spielberg is an inspiring message for so many young people asking themselves what to major in college.  From time to time I find myself talking with young high schoolers pondering what they will major in college and I always ask why they chose a certain path?  To be honest it is most often for very good reason, such as I care about helping people and Nursing will enable me to really do just that.  The most interesting part about hearing the Spielberg story is how much it aligned with my own experience and that of my oldest sons. My sons story started when he was merely in 4th grade and I entered his room one day as he lay in bed with one of my texts open.  My Digital Fundamentals book was from an introductory course for logic circuits used in computing devices. The book started with an intro to Binary (Base 2 number systems). To my astonishement my son declared that he only had one question, “How does this Ones Complement thing work?”.  Okay, so I must admit that I had to read it again myself, but then I explained a bit more about binary numbers and quiz him a bit on converting decimal to binary.  In fact, we even made our way to hexadecimal!  Nonetheless he seemed hooked – the science and challenge of math seemed natural.  Later he told me, “I want to be scientist when I grow up, I want to make inventions.”  Today he is at a top college studying to be a Mechanical Engineer, a start to a next phase in his life that I’m sure will bring him much success.

The real moral of this is also heard in the video below.  Some of you have heard, “Love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”.  Perhaps that is what Steven is saying here.  Nonetheless, I think it is the responsibility of every adult to make sure that words like, “Go into computers I hear you’ll make a lot of money” is NOT the recommendation for our youth.  Money doesn’t matter, if you are doing what you love then everything else will come together!  Enjoy…


One Comment on “Do what you love and we will benefit from what you do…

  1. Outstanding blog Todd, that’s the first time I heard Spilburg speak but it was a very interesting clip. You never told me about Jamie and the Digital Fundamentals book but he no dought is following those wispers and will have a long exciting career…Dad

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