Oh, Oh… is Adobe Flash going to Disappear into a Black hole?

Okay, seriously!  The statements from Adobe have been focused on the mobile platforms – an area where bigger investments in HTML5 technology on browsers has taken place and of course with the iPhone and iPAD thwarting support for Flash and pushing the standards route the opportunities seem fruitless for Adobe.  Now, keep in mind that this doesn’t change anything <right now> on the desktop environment – where millions of pages are served using Flash daily.  Moreover Adobe continues to put development into their AIR technology – both for desktop and mobile environments.

Okay – so does this mean Flash will all disappear tomorrow?   Flash has held its ground as a Rich Internet Application toolset for quite some time – all the way back to before Adobe when Macromedia acquired FutureSplash and then created the first “Flash” product.  So is it so bad that after paying its dues to move the market for a richer user experience forward that it begins to bow to the standardization process and the newer world of HTML5?

If Adobe has it’s strategy right, and can bolt together some execution behind it that can innovate their way into the new work of HTML5 tools – leveraging an ability to provide developers with a broad set of tools to create web, applications, and more.  Other attempts like Silverlight provided technology, but lacked the program and tools to build a developer base!  So – leverage that strength and show that monster-ish development community the way into the HTML5 future…!

Maybe there is life on the other side of that black hole!


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