Mobile Usage: Think about it!

If you use a mobile smart phone, Android, iPhone, Windows phone, then you already know how convenient it has become to access “Data”.  For most people it is still considered the “phone”, but think about how much data oriented communications you utilize in comparison to voice.  The follow projections suggest significantly more data usage over mobile networks by 2020 as the role of the mobility continues to change how we work, play, and live.  Take note that it further suggests that it becomes more than just people with mobile phones or gaming machines comsuming traffic – machine-to-machine communications will become common-place, your car and refrigerator will be online and accessible “over the Internet” – so you can be forewarned on your way him, by your car, that your fridge is low on mill!

Now that you’ve considered how little you are using voice the following projection suggests that it will become only a fraction of a percent and video calling will be used more than 4 times voice.  More importantly – look at the YouTube videos you will be watching :)!


One Comment on “Mobile Usage: Think about it!

  1. The challenge will be the carriers limited spectrum to deliver the bandwidth to make this a reality. It’s certainly a challenge today to stay below the 2Gb limit no that unlimited data plans have been discontinued by some carriers.

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