Notable Quotes & Keypoints – NEC UC&C

As I do several more follow up interviews with analysts this week about our announcements and demos at last weeks EC2011 it is interesting to take note of the overall impressions from the marketplace to date.

As a reference point, let’s remember back to the 2010 Gartner UC Magic Quadrant – where NEC first introduced our architectural approach and vision to the Gartner team. For the first time in many years it moved the  dot for NEC north and east significantly towards the infamous “Leaders Quadrant”.  A notable barometer reading for our strategy.

As many of us work very hard at NEC on execution of this product strategy it is also great to see many people make comments (either in blogs, tweets, or verbally at the EC2011 show) that suggest our execution is on track.  Of course, we always want it faster – but what people saw at the show was very real and very live!

Here are some of my favorite and most notable quotes from our news:

You guys have been busy.” – Zeus Kerravala, Yankee Group

“Wow, this is your Flare. I mean that in a good way” – Sheila McGee-Smith (independent analyst)

“NEC finally unleashes Sphericall – a very strategic UC solution for the company.  watch it grow.” – tweeted by Dave Michels, Pin Drop Soup.

“The virtualization, device-neutral, and business-use centric nature of your approach was quite refreshing to me in light of some of the more conceptual and tech-centric announcements at Enterprise Connect. This software platform also shows great maturity in the face of the NEC Univerge hardware roots, so it’s always impressive to see such a shift.” – post-show email comment from Hyoun Park, Aberdeen Group

“NEC is brave,” Brent Kelly, Wainhouse Research, referring to our decision to run the NEC Booth from our Chicago data center (cloud).

“I thought it was TweetDeck,” Blair Pleasant, CommFusion / UC Strategies, upon seeing the RIA UC client for the first time.

Listed as most revolutionary and industry impacting news at EnterpriseConnect by Dave Michels in nojitter post (see chart attached).

“It’s a powerful migration story,” Marty Parker, UniComm Consulting / UC Strategies

“RIA Client has a pretty compelling visual user experience: quick and smooth access to rich UC capabilities,” tweeted Alaa Sayeed, Analyst at Frost & Sullivan

Current Analysis Intelligence Report Ratings:

Perspective = 4/5 stars – “Positive on NEC new product architecture…

Vendor Importance = 5/5 stars – “Very high to NEC..

Market Impact = 3/5 stars – “Moderate because timing is expected later in 2011” (we’ll be there in no time Brian!)

Thanks Dave Michels – of course we think you are right and we like being “in the green”! 🙂


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