NEC: Excitement @ EnterpriseConnect 2011

It was an exciting week at the annual EnterpriseConnect show in Orlando (formerly known as VoiceCon).

There were some things clear about this years show, including the fact that this market is no longer about voice. This year the focus was clearly on unified communications and of course audio and video capabilities are an important part of that.  The words “cloud” were everywhere but a variety of definitions still exist. Another impression at this show was the desktop experience, and yes the desktop device (e.g. the terminal) is still an important part of enterprise communications but it is shifting to richer media devices.  These are in the form of tablets but also in the form of simplified phones that have less (very few) buttons and are software/browser driven.

NEC was a big part of the exhibition this year as it showcased it’s approach to delivering a rich unified communications and collaboration experience. NEC delivered the UC&C experience using it’s virtualized IT-friendly software that it operated from the cloud.  This meant the entire NEC booth focused on delivering solutions to different roles of end users inside and enterprise environment. NEC brought a powerful statement to this show and was one of the few booths to be truly operating from the cloud!

You can check out the NoJitter Video here.  Also, take look at the video below to get a look at the NEC showcase from EnterpriseConnect 2011:


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