Runkeeper… Perhaps the coolest, most useful app for the smartphone!

It could be this very application that keeps me running, which frankly I didn’t do much of until October of 2009.  Perhaps it is the techno-gadget-ness of it all, perhaps it is the social aspect of sharing the results and actually seeing some others begin to start running or walking with Runkeeper as a result.  Not sure, but here are the things I like most about this app:

1.) It runs on my iPhone, which I strap around my arm, and tracks my speed/pace, location, altitude, and time.

2.) Either from the speaker or in my headset it tells me my current pace, distance, and time every 5 mins, mile or whatever I want.

3.) It uploads everything, automatically, to a web site where I can track my history, trends, etc. – I have even directly linked my withings (WiFi) scale directly into my page!

Even better, the free version is an easy way to start and the Pro version is a drop in the bucket compared to buying a Garmin device!  Check out the screen shot of info you get:


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