NEC WINS IBM Lotus CTO Award!!

Bringing together NEC technologies to create powerful solutions is what really strikes the hearts and minds of IBMers. In fact, it really strikes when you are utilizing IBM software technologies. At the Lotusphere show this week some of our NEC developers joined to showcase some leading technology concepts through actual prototypes.
Using and NEC device that can be easily worn on your belt it can connect audio and video and can provide data feeds from devices such as healthcare equipment (in the case of an @Home Patient Care scenario). Interesting, but only really valuable when you realize that this data can all be converged (or “Mashed up”) at a web portal (yes, IBM Websphere Portal) so that a Nurse or Doctor can assist this patient. Moreover, if the portal can also mashup services like Lotus Connections to establish an online knowledge base of experts/specialists and historical cases and it can mashup services like LotusLive to enable instant collaboration you
get an entirely new level of business value. Servicing customer situations with “a real expert” is expensive, and they’re usually in limited supply. Therefore if we can connect with remote people (patients, field support/service personnel, etc.) using multimedia technologies our efficiency and customer service quality can increase significantly. Naturally communications among humans invariably requires and audio connection and utilizing NEC’s Sphericall software services enables these applications to easily connect the different users as needed – not as phone calls dialed through a keypad, but through and automatic set of workflow instructions that just know people are trying to communicate.
In fact, the idea of the wearable device is so slick because there is not even a concept of dialing! You hit a button and the audio, video and data signals are set up to a dispatcher to help you, pretty important for elderly home health care.
NEC calls this approach the Visual Field Support (VFS) framework and the framewo
rk includes technologies from both NEC and IBM.
This week the IBM Lotus Chief Technology Office team reviewed demonstrations by numerous vendors and found the VFS framework to be one of the more compelling uses of combined vendors technologies
. As a result they awarded NEC with their annual CTO Award!!
Congratulations to the NEC Japan team!!

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