Will CEBP create Chaos?

I read an interesting post to day that started out by suggesting that perhaps CEPB could potentially create network chaos, “If real-time, delay-sensitive voice traffic starts creeping into the business applications that don’t currently make this kind of demands on the network…” it said.   I found it interesting to read this perception.   Why?   Well, first of all we’ve had the concept and the existence of users (as in people) utilizing tools at their PC desktops with real-time traffic coming to them for some time now. Today people watch High Definition television shows, join conference calls with video to their desktop, and utilize Internet-based soft phones everyday.  Secondly, wouldn’t it actually be easier, perhaps less chaotic, if users can easily establish collaboration from any starting point?   Guess what – all these users today are initiating this collaboration from various different starting points.  So, if a business application happens to be one of those starting points does this create chaos?  Is it really any different?   One could argue that making communications an integral part of business applications will actually create less chaos than we already have!  The other part that is missing in all this is the idea that there is a “machine-to-person” interaction that occurs as part of the business process design, where the machine is a software process executing on a set of business applications that at some point in time decides (in it’s workflow logic) that it needs to reach out and deliver (or gather) information from a human.  In this case the real-time media is between the communications system and the user (perhaps on their cell phone, home phone, etc.), but the business process will have actually initiated the “call”.  Now, imagine that an orders were processed faster and more accurately because CEBP enabled validation or order taking within waiting for a human to process that order — hmmm, that would be more efficient for the business and hopefully less chaotic too!


One Comment on “Will CEBP create Chaos?

  1. I couldn't agree with you more Todd. CEBP is all about streamlining business processes & making communication between people inside of those processes easier & less chaotic. We are working on some pretty cool stuff at Jaduka related to CEBP. It would be great to collaborate with you & I invite you to review & even possibly add your own thoughts on the JadukaExchange.com.

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